Can guinea pigs eat cucumbers ?

You can feed all varieties of cucumbers. Overfeeding with cucumbers can lead to problems with digestion. Adult guinea pigs are fed 2-3 times a day. Serving size per one feeding – 2 tbsp. spoons of food.

If you feed 2 times a day, then give 3 tbsp. spoons of feed, at a time. A bowl with food should always be in a cage, it does not need to be cleaned. Even if the pig does not eat immediately, it will necessarily eat after.

In the cage must necessarily be present hay, summer grass. In summer, you can hay (dried grass) and fresh grass. Hay contributes to tooth grinding (20 teeth: 4 incisors and 16 molars), favorably affects the digestion process. Grass – a rich source of vitamins, also favorably affects the digestion process.

Feed and clean water must always be present in the pet cage. If the pig eats feed, then in the intervals it will eat hay. If the pig is left for some time hungry, then it will adversely affect her health.

In the morning juicy food is given – 160 g. Pregnant and lactating females, including Skinny guinea pigs – in the morning and in the evening.