Can turtles swim ?

If you believe the experts, their statement says that land tortoises can not swim. They claim that this is due to the fact that their front paws are deprived of membranes. To what extent this conclusion is correct, it is difficult to judge, but the fact remains that a land reptile can not actually stay in the water for as long as its aquatic relatives. If such a reptile remains in the water unattended for a long period, everything can end sadly. The pet will simply die.

However, this does not mean that land tortoises do not know how to swim. This species of reptiles spends most of their existence on land, but if you put the pet in water, it will float, but not immediately. To do this, the owner needs to accustom his pet to the water gradually. The water level must be increased every time. Thus, the tortoise can confidently move through the water.

It is important to note that the water temperature for bathing a land reptile should not be less than 36 degrees Celsius. It must also be borne in mind that not all pets can swim. Many reptiles are frightened of this procedure.

For this reason, it is not necessary to make your pet swim, since he can experience a lot of stress. If the turtle is happy to be in the water and reluctantly leaves it, the fluid level should be increased in stages to allow the reptile to learn to swim.