Cassowary is a large flightless bird, more like a cycloheraptor than a bird from the present time. The cassowary lives in Australia and in the tropical forests of New Guinea. The scream of this bird is heard for several kilometers even in a dense tropical forest. An adult cassowary can outweigh the weight and height of an adult male.

This creature’s powerful legs are equipped with huge claws 12 cm long. This is quite a formidable weapon with which these birds not only can break the legs of a man, but there were deadly attacks of these birds.

The skin on the legs of the cassowary is very dense, scaly. The foot of the cassowary is quite impressive, larger than the foot of an ordinary person. When attacking, the bird throws the leg forward and stabs the huge claws to the victim. Claws are not only huge, but also very sharp.

The wings of this bird are also very interesting in their structure. In themselves, they are somewhat reduced than in other birds. And at the end of the wing there is a sharp claw. Feathers on the wings, as such, which we are accustomed to seeing in other birds, have no cassowaries.

Instead of ordinary feathers, they have sharp, sticking straight long needles. Such wings are clearly not suitable for flight. Therefore, cassowaries move with the help of feet only. But such wings help cassowaries when moving through the forest. They push away the leaves, opening the way for birds. The feathers on the entire body of the cassowary are also different from the feathers of other birds. They are very rare in structure, more like hair.

In a good season, cassowaries build up a thick layer of fat, about 5-6 cm. A particularly thick layer of fat is in the front of the body. This is also the reason why these birds can not fly: they are too heavy. Cassowaries feed mainly on fruits, but also insects, amphibians, reptiles and other small animals.