Crocodiles – information

Crocodiles lived in the time of the dinosaurs, they are the few that could survive the cataclysms of that time, these reptiles are perfectly adapted to their environment and it is the merit of millions of years of evolution. Interesting facts about crocodiles pleasing their diversity and here are the most interesting of them.

The largest crocodile is, of course, the marine crocodile, it lives in India, northern Australia and the islands of Fiji. In length, these individuals grow to seven meters, and weight sometimes reaches a ton! The smallest crocodile is a dwarfish, the largest adult individuals are not more than 190 cm in length. It is more like a land than a water-crocodile.

Crocodile skin is considered in the world one of the best for different leather products. However, for these purposes only the skin of the rocodile’s bellies is used, as having softness and elasticity. Handbag made of crocodile leather can cost 10-20 thousand dollars and even higher, so many crocodiles are killed annually by poachers. In some countries hunting for them is prohibited, now more and more crocodiles are grown on special farms to provide the industry with their skin.

The jaw of the crocodile contains 24 teeth, but it can not chew food. Therefore, they swallow small stones that help them grind the contents of their stomach. These stones are also convenient as a ballast: they help the crocodile to dive into the water. For life, a crocodile can “change” his teeth up to 60 times. The compression force of the crocodile’s jaws is very high, but the muscles that open the jaw are weak, and you can literally one hand not let it open. The blows of the tail of the crocodile are also very strong.

As mentioned above – crocodiles live on the earth for 250 million years. This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting facts about crocodiles, because they are, in fact, the only dinosaurs that survived to this day. For millions of years, they have perfectly adapted to the environment, and they have now, in fact, no enemies. It’s just the perfect murder machine.

If necessary, crocodiles fall into a kind of anabiosis. This happens in a drought, when there is no water and no prey. The crocodile buries itself and falls into a hibernation. It can be underground for months, and then digs (when the drought is over) and goes hunting.

Interesting is the fact that the blood crocodile found an antibiotic! Reporters of the BBC television channel during the filming of the film about the life of crocodiles, noticed that crocodiles often fight and inflict powerful wounds on each other, but there are never inflammations or gangrene in wounded crocodiles. A blood test of a crocodile showed that one of the substances found in the blood of a reptile, perfectly kills the bacteria. British reporters called this substance “crocodile.” Now this substance is being actively studied to use in medicines for people.