Do guinea pigs sleep ?

Yes, of course. Guinea pigs do not like to sleep much (of course the hours of sleep will vary depending on age) and often sleep with their eyes open. They are sleeping in a nursery or in their house.

If they feel comfortable in the environment in which they are, then we can see them even having a rest with their eyes closed. Usually guinea pig sleeps at night and early in the afternoon. It goes without saying that you should not make much noise at this time or place a cage near the always “yelling” TV.

I personally believe that guinea pigs are small animals that require attention. So give them enough time: brush the cage, feed them and play with them. It is easy to take care of small animals, the main thing is to want it.

When we purchase pets, we must take care of them and give them enough time. It is necessary to learn more about the animal that has become a member of your family. For example, about a guinea pig, which we recently gave to our son for a birthday, having moved to live in Nikolino settlement.