Do hedgehogs smell ?

If the hedgehog has a sharp unpleasant smell, it can talk about problems with metabolism. Although, frankly, as for me so any hedgehog smells like a dog. Hedgehog can be washed, the bathing procedure should last 5 minutes, no more. The water temperature is about 36.6 degrees. There should not be a lot of water, so that he can stand. In the eyes and ears, water should not fall.

After washing the hedgehog, you must thoroughly wipe it with a towel. Then it needs to be held in a cage, until it finally dries to catch a cold.

In the future hedgehog can arrange a dry bath of special sand for chinchillas.

The hedgehog has enemies, from which neither the needle nor the coiling can save it. So, during the night hunting for the hedgehog, the owl is successfully attacked. He does not fear the animal’s needles, because the fingers of the paws of this bird are covered with durable scales.

The soft plumage of the eagle owl makes his flight noiseless and allows him to overtake his prey by surprise. There is no escape to the hedgehog and from the fox, who gently pushes his paw to the shore of a forest puddle or swamp and dumps into the water. Water penetrates the abdomen of the hedgehog, and it spreads its back, stretches out its muzzle and floats to the shore. Here he is waiting for the fox, pierces his sharp teeth in the unprotected needles head and bites the hedgehog.