Facts about Asian elephants

Asian(Indian) and African elephants have a completely different character. Asian individuals are very friendly and good to people. In general, it is much easier to tame. It is these elephants that help people transport cargo and perform heavy work in the southeast Asian countries. If you’ve ever seen an elephant in a circus, then do not doubt that this is an Asian animal.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s a very dexterous animal. With such a significant weight, they perfectly balance, although they look extremely slow. Despite their impressive size, they climb as fast as they can through the forested mountain slopes to a height of 3,600 meters. Of course, without seeing, it’s hard to imagine. The special structure of the soles of the feet gives them the opportunity to safely travel through swampy places, although they are so cautious that they periodically check the reliability of land cover underfoot with strong strikes by the trunk.

When swimming under water, Asian elephants use a trunk for breathing.

At the end of the trunk, an Asian animal has one finger-shaped growth. With it, the elephant eats.

In difficult times, animals can cry like people, while they make low sounds that are not audible to us.

Voices of each other elephants are distinguished at a distance of 19 kilometers.

These are the only animals that bury their dead relatives. Finding the remains, the herd together hides the bones in the ground.

The trunk is very important for the animal, it eats with its help, breathes and sniffs, takes out the foliage of the trees. After hitting it, the elephant can die from hunger.