Facts about giraffes

What do we know about giraffes? That they live in Africa and eat leaves? But besides this, there are many more cognitive facts that will be interesting, both for adults and for children. We will talk about these nice and good-natured giants.

  • The giraffe is the tallest animal on the planet.
  • The neck of the giraffe is very long, but like the other mammals has seven vertebrae.
  • In just one minute, the heart of the giraffe surpasses about 60 liters of blood.
  • The giraffe has a long and muscular tongue of dark color, with which they can reach a branch located from them at a distance of 45 centimeters.
  • You can distinguish giraffes among themselves by drawing on wool. Each giraffe is individual, like a fingerprint from a person.
  • Giraffes have good eyesight, which allows them to see their kinsmen or danger for a distance of 1 kilometer.
  • Giraffes are born without horns, but in the place of their appearance, there are bunches of black hair with cartilage under them.
  • Giraffes are standing upright. Such moaning lasts only five minutes. And if the giraffe needs to sleep longer, then he lies down on the ground, tucked his legs under him and threw his neck to his side.
  • Giraffes can speed up to 55 km / h if necessary.
  • By the way giraffes tear off the leaves, you can find out their gender. If the giraffe tears off the leaves from the very top of the tree, then this is the male. Females eat only those leaves that are located at the level of their body.
  • To drink water, the giraffe has to lean. Bending down, the blood quickly flows to the head, which can cause a loss of consciousness in the giraffes. Also at this moment he is most vulnerable, and can become a victim of a lion.
  • The age of the giraffe is easy to recognize by the color of its spots. If they are light brown, then the giraffe is young, the dark color of the spots indicates the opposite.