Facts about panthers

The Black Panther is an amazing, graceful creature, strong and independent. These animals live mainly in hot countries of South-East Asia, where they are found everywhere. Meeting with a black panther one on one in its territory does not bode well for either an overly curious tourist, or an experienced hunter.

  • The black color of the panther’s fur is caused by the abundant content of melanin in it, which gives the wool a rich black tint.
  • In the beliefs of many peoples, panthers are considered forest ghosts because of their impressive coloring and elusiveness.
  • The tail of a black panther can be more than a meter in length.
  • On average, panthers weigh 30-40 kg each, but there are specimens weighing a hundred kilograms.
  • Most black panthers are distinguished by aggressive behavior, which in combination with their superbly developed muscles makes them extremely dangerous predators.
  • Unlike most other predatory animals, who are afraid of approaching villages and cities, the black panthers fearlessly do it. They are not afraid of a person, although they exercise reasonable care.
  • Unlike some other big cats, panthers like to swim (see interesting facts about large cats).
  • Black Panthers spend most of their time on the ground, however, they climb trees perfectly.
  • After hunting, the black panther usually eats up to the heap, easily absorbing at a time the amount of food corresponding to a third of her weight, after which he rest and digest food for a few days.
  • Panther – predator is not only smart, but also patient. The intended victim, she can hunt down hour by hour, gradually getting to her and waiting for a convenient time to attack.
  • Black panthers have a unique ability to change their scent, which allows them to deceive their victims, who themselves go to her in the clutches, attracted by the smell, which they take for the smell of their relatives.
  • There are cases when black panthers successfully hunted even on young alligators.
  • Due to their abilities of woodcutters, black panthers sometimes hunt monkeys and birds (see interesting facts about birds).
  • About their kittens the black panthers care until then, when that will not be two years. At the same time young panthers usually begin to hunt at the age of six to seven months.