Facts about quail

A quail is an ordinary bird, belonging to a group of chickens. Externally – the master of disguise in view of the specific grayish mottled color of the plumage. These birds prefer to live in a flat grassy area, but sometimes they prefer mountains. The mating season begins in the early spring, from the moment of appearance of the first vegetation. At this time the males begin their battle in order to get the favor of the female. Birds nest in the grass.

It is known that these birds have been in space. For the first time, quail eggs were sent to space at the Mir space station in 1990. The chicks of the quails became famous throughout the world: it was the first living creature of the Earth, born in space. He was grown in a specially adapted incubator. The birth took place on March 22, 1990.

This event greatly inspired the researchers, and the experiments were continued: four large quails were sent to space, which were dressed in special “uniforms”, which allowed them to gain a foothold in space. Together with the cosmonauts, they made a flight and returned safely home, where they lived and multiplied for a long time. The experiments were continued later. So, in 1997 at the same orbital station 60 embryos were already sent to space and 37 chicks were born.