Facts about shrimps

  • At the height of summer, you especially want to eat only light, fresh and delicious foods. It is indisputable that shrimps are an ideal option, especially pleasant in use, along with a chilled drink such as intoxicating beer.
  • The stunning taste of shrimp is far from the only interesting fact worthy of your attention.
  • The largest shrimp in the world is called tiger shrimp. Their length can reach 36 cm, and it can weigh even 650 g. As a rule, the size of females is larger than that of males.
  • Shrimp meat is dietary, they contain up to 8% of fats. The meat of shrimp is full of vitamins and trace elements, which have useful properties for the cardiovascular system of man, and also increase your efficiency and mood.
  • Surely you saw or heard about the red shrimp. Red shrimps make a special substance contained in them – astaxanthin.
  • Shrimp are world-wide popular since ancient times, especially the striped shrimp as on houseaqua.ru. Pliny the Younger himself appreciated the excellent prawns that were mined near his villa. Then it was a delicacy, however, as now.
  • Shrimp must be able to cook properly. Cook them for more than two minutes, in order to avoid the transformation of their consistency into rubber. During cooking, the shrimp meat will turn white, which will tell you that the shrimp is ready.
  • There is a so-called type of shooting shrimp, they are able to kill the fish with just one sound. On their claws are special devices that can play loud clicks. This is the distinctive ability of shrimp and is used when hunted.