Hedgehog scientific name

Hedgehog scientific name is Erinaceinae. The mating season comes in the spring, after hibernation, or in the summer. The males are fighting for the female through local battles: biting, pricking with needles and threateningly sniffing at each other. There are no special rituals, the winner finds the female by the smell.

In general, gluttony and omnivorousness is explained by the activity and the need to store subcutaneous fat. Jerzy toothy animals: 20 upper and 16 lower teeth help to cope with very different foods. Supplement to animal food can be berries, fruits of plants.

Particularly in need of hedgehogs food after going out of hibernation. To restore strength, the animal can eat up to one-third of its weight per night.

In captivity, hedgehogs eagerly eat meat, eggs, bread, ice cream and even oatmeal. A misconception is the idea of ​​the he, as a lover of sour cream and milk. This food is contraindicated for him because of lactose intolerance.