How long do Asian elephants live ?

Asian Elephants can be safely attributed to long-livers. They live 60-80 years. It is interesting that in the wild, individuals die not from age and disease, but simply from hunger. This situation is due to the fact that for the whole life of their teeth they change only four times.

There are all the updates to forty years, and later they no longer grow. The old gradually become worthless. And now, by the age of seventy, teeth have become completely bad, the animal can no longer chew on them, and therefore loses all possibility to eat.

I must say that the diet of wild Asian elephants depends entirely on where they live. In general, animals prefer ficus leaves. An important role is played by the fact that the arid is worth the season or rainy.

Asian Elephants are very fond of all sorts of grass, leaves, fruits, eat even the crown of trees, because from it they draw minerals. During the day, the animal eats from 300 to 350 kilograms of grass and leaves. They have a lot of water. Elephants generally prefer marsh plants. But African people love salt, they find it in the ground.