How long do centipedes live ?

The centipedes live for a long time. The average lifespan of ¬†centipedes is about 4 – 7 years .Centipedes¬†are not poisonous in themselves, but many of them have glands containing poison. He needs arthropods in order to paralyze the victim and eat it. But the toxins protect themselves and the millipedes from the danger of becoming someone’s dinner: often the secretion of liquid is very unpleasant smell – and the predators flee!

Where can I find an ordinary centipede? Theoretically, she herself can fall at night on your face or look into the shower during home spa treatments. But more often the centipedes settle in warm and moist cellars, pantries and attics. Of course, they like bathrooms and greenhouses.

There are also more difficult places. Experts recommend to look under concrete plates and in all cracks, inside of hollow walls, in sewage drains and boxes with old things. And it is much easier to “pin a centipede” in the dark: they are most active at night.