How long do llamas live ?

Llamas live for about 20 years, and in captivity even longer – about 30. The breeding season begins in August and lasts until February. For the possession of the female males have to withstand the fight with another contender. It is somewhat reminiscent of the battle of camels during the rut, when they climb to their hind legs and begin to bite each other, and also kick their forelegs. The whole “hand-to-hand fight” is accompanied by spitting of the contents of the stomach.

Breeding lasts 11 months, after which only one cub is born, very rarely two. The lactation period of llamas lasts 4 months.

Locals hunt these animals for their valuable wool, leather and tasty meat, therefore, unlike lamas and alpacas, the number of guanacos is rapidly declining. But in some countries, such as Peru and Chile, these animals are protected by the state.