Interesting facts about Albania

Albania is a small Balkan state, not rich, but possessing an ancient history. Of course, many monuments of the country belong to the era when a state like Albania did not exist at all, but this does not make them less interesting. Moreover, the insanely beautiful Albanian nature attracts many tourists …

Ahmet Zogu was first president, and from 1928 to 1939 he managed to stay even the king of Albania. He survived after more than 50 unsuccessful attempts, somewhat inferior among them to Fidel Castro. Especially the attempt of 1931 is singled out. The king was trying to kill near the theater, when he was getting into his car. Zogu, without being embarrassed, took out a pistol and began to return fire, after which the loser killers fled. This is the only case in history when the head of state personally engaged in a skirmish with criminals.

Not knowing Albanian, it will be difficult for you to understand the Albanian even at the level of gestures, because shaking his head from side to side means “yes”, and up and down – “no.” All the way around.

For the entire time of existence of the National Olympic Committee of Albania, founded in 1958, Albanian athletes have not won a single Olympic medal.

Up to 70% of the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlbania is occupied by mountains.

Albania was the world’s first officially declared atheistic state. The Communists, who seized power in Albania after the Second World War, banned any religious organizations, literature and rituals. The ban was lifted only in 1992, together with the fall of the communist regime. Today, more than a thousand churches and over six hundred mosques are open to visitors, more than 90% of the population is religious. Only 2% consider themselves atheists.

On the territory of Albania there is not a single “McDonald’s”.

In 1967, Albania, led by Enver Hoxha, launched a program to build bunkers on the territory of the country in order to protect itself in case of war. Over 20 years, more than seven hundred thousand bunkers of concrete were built, so that each family in Albania could potentially own one bunker. The average density of buildings is 24 bunkers per square kilometer, that is, the average distance between two bunkers is about two hundred meters.

Despite the warm climate, there are 4 glaciers on the territory of the country, which are located in the Albanian Alps (the local name for the mountains is Prokletie).

In October 2016, the Albanian police purchased a batch of Volkswagen e-Golf electric vehicles. The park of police electric cars Albania, in fact, the fifth in size in Europe. At the same time in the territory of Albania there is no special charging station for electric vehicles.