Interesting facts about carpets

In the Soviet Union, the carpet in the house was a sign of the financial well-being of the owners. In modern Russia, the popularity of this piece of furniture is much lower, but there are still lovers to decorate your house with some kind of fluffy product. But people have learned to weave carpets thousands of years ago, and those that are made by the hands of true masters cost a lot of money.

The oldest carpet from the number of surviving to this day is now about two thousand years old. He was found in Siberia during excavations. Interestingly, this find showed that over the past millennia, the technique of hand carpet weaving has not changed at all.

Vacuum cleaner or a wet rag completely clean the carpet is impossible, even if visually it seems clean. If you need perfect cleanliness, you have a direct road to the nearest dry cleaners.

For a year in an average carpet, and at the same time and under it, several kilograms of dust and dirt accumulate.

When the first vacuum cleaners were invented, many carpet lovers accused their inventor Hoover of fraud, refusing to believe that their favorite carpets contained so much dust.

The carpet of natural wool can increase its weight by about a third, absorbing moisture from the air.

The most popular materials used in making carpets are wool and acrylic. For obvious reasons, wool has been used for thousands of years.

In carpets of natural wool, thousands of various mites, larval bugs and other “domestic” insects willingly live.