Interesting facts about Cuba

Cuba is an attractive island in the Caribbean Sea, which is often called the pearl of these regions. He had a hard time destined for his fate – the Cuban story is full of gloomy pages. Fortunately, in recent years this situation has gradually been corrected, and the flow of foreign tourists is growing and growing. Who knows, maybe in a few decades this wonderful island will get out of poverty and finally take a worthy place in the world arena?

The state motto of Cuba: “Fatherland or death.”

The Cuban aborigines were completely exterminated by the Spanish conquistadors.

In the Cuban capital of Havana, there is the state rock club Maxim Rock, in which teams that have received the approval of the national rock agency act. Some of the proceeds from the concerts are transferred to musicians, the rest proceeds to the state budget.

Applicants entering any Cuban university have to pass 3 exams: to prove their knowledge of the history of Cuba, the Spanish language and mathematics. Paid universities or frequent schools on the island there – all education is free.

Cuba is known throughout the world for its high level of medicine. For Cubans, all health services are free of charge.

In Cuba, residents still receive basic necessities from the cards, which allows even families with scanty income not to suffer from hunger.

Windows in almost all Cuban houses, with the exception of several buildings in the capital, do not have glass – they are replaced by metal or wooden blinds.

There is no centralized hot water supply in Cuba.

Until recently, Cubans, for reasons of energy saving, were forbidden to have toasters and electric kettles.

Each resident of Cuba is allowed to have only one SIM card for a mobile phone. Until 2008, cell phones were generally banned.

Cubans do not like rain so much that in rainy weather children often do not go to school, and adults – to work.

In Cuba, lives a unique mammal, which until recently was considered extinct – a Cuban crack, eating insects.

Central Cuban television channels do not show advertisements.

Cubans consider the patroness of their island the Virgin Mary.

Citizens of Cuba are legally prohibited from slaughtering their cows and bulls for meat, the carcasses of dead animals are taken away by a special government service. Violators face prolonged imprisonment.

To connect to the Internet, Cubans must receive special permits. The penalty for unauthorized connection to the network is 5 years in prison.

In Cuba, one of the lowest fertility rates in the Western Hemisphere. At the same time, the number of abortions reaches a record high mark.

In Cuba, do not sell Coca-Cola soda. The second state in the world where this drink is not traded is the DPRK.

The US for $ 4085 dollars a year leases from Cuba naval base of Guantanamo. In principle, the Cuban government does not take this money from the American side.

When the future revolutionary and Cuban leader Fidel Castro was still a child, he wrote a letter to US President Franklin Roosevelt. In his message the boy asked to send him a $ 10 bill, because he had never seen such money before (see interesting facts about Fidel Castro).

Another American president, John Kennedy, bought 1,200 Cuban cigars for himself a few hours before he signed embargo documents on the “island of freedom”.

The US State Department spent $ 630,000 to promote pro-American Cuban pages in Facebook.

State vehicles in Cuba are required to bring voters on the road.

The CIA was going to pour Fidel Castro a chemical, because of which he would have had hair from his beard.

After the coming to power of Fidel Castro in Cuba, all copies of the board game Monopoly were destroyed.

Until 1997, when Cuba was visited by Pope John Paul II, Christmas on the island was not officially celebrated.