Interesting facts about Dublin

Dublin is an Irish capital, an ancient city that is much older than Moscow. Its rich history attracts many tourists, although because of the harsh climate of architectural monuments in Dublin, not so much as it could have been preserved. In addition, Dublin is a very convenient transit point for tourists who want to explore other areas of Ireland.

Dublin translates from Irish as “black creek” or “black pond”. Yes, there are really enough marshes, ponds, whirlpools and their ilk in the vicinity of this city.

In Irish, the name of this city sounds like “Duvlin.”

Dublin is not only the capital of Ireland, but also the largest city in this country.

Dublin is famous for its pubs, of which there are more than a thousand pieces. Many of them are already far from one hundred years old.

The first mention of Dublin dates from the year 140, which is the subject of national pride of its inhabitants. However, the official date of the founding of Dublin is the 841st year.

Dublin is divided into two almost equal parts by the largest Irish river – Liffey.

The average salary in Dublin is higher than in London or New York, but life here is not cheap. Dublin is one of the ten most expensive cities in Europe.

Two-thirds of the inhabitants of Dublin do not speak Irish.

In Dublin is the famous O’Connell Bridge. He is famous for the fact that he, like the no less famous “Pythagorean pants”, all sides are equal – the length of the bridge is equal to its width.

In Dublin, there are mountains that bear the proud name of Dublin, but they are not mountains. In fact, these are the hills, the highest of which reaches a height of only 423.5 meters above sea level. However, this does not prevent people from proudly referring to these hills as mountains.

In Dublin is the world famous brewery “Guinness”.

“Phoenix Park”, located in Dublin – the largest park in Europe and the second largest in the world. It is second only to Central Park in New York.

Traffic jams in Dublin are not worse than in Moscow.

Entrance to all Dublin museums is free for all comers.