Interesting facts about ecology

The protection of the environment is becoming more and more urgent problem from year to year. This issue is especially acute in developed countries, which make a lot of efforts to preserve nature and prevent general pollution of the world around us.

Sweden imports about 80,000 tons of garbage a year, as the government’s program for generating electricity by burning waste has proved remarkably effective. The main waste supplier is Norway, with the Norwegian side paying for the transportation of waste, then the Swedes receive energy from them, and the ashes with a high content of heavy metals and toxins return to their homeland. Note that 96% of all waste in Sweden is recycled, and only a small amount is buried in the ground.

Cats, according to American scientists, pose a serious threat to the ecosystem of the planet. Researchers hold them responsible for the extermination of at least 30 species of animals – only in the US they kill up to 20 billion mammals and about 4 billion birds annually. Most often, cats harm the natural balance in places where historically they did not live, but were brought by people.

Activists of the Movement for the Voluntary Disappearance of Humankind believe that there are too many people on the planet, and the population of Homo sapiens poses a threat to the Earth. To solve this problem, they offer people to refuse birth of children, and just gradually disappear.

Company Nike more than 20 years ago has opened in different countries of the world the points of reception of old sneakers, which are then sent for processing. Shredded rubber soles of shabby shoes turn into treadmills, the fabric is transformed into a basketball court cover, and the middle part of the foam becomes a coating for tennis courts.

In the Swedish town of Helsingborg, the crematorium heats 60,000 houses – it provides 10% of the energy produced by the local energy company.

Passengers of cruise liners who like to play golf can take care of the environment at the same time – one company from Germany lets out balls for this game from compressed fish food, so it’s not at all terrible if such a ball flies overboard.

To save rhinoceroses from poachers in some countries they are caught and under anesthesia saw off the horn – the main object of interest of intruders, who put animals on the brink of extinction.

At a coffee factory in the English town of Banbury, owned by KraftFoods, there is a power plant working on the coffee grounds.

In the north of the Pacific Ocean, the Great Pacific garbage dike drifts, which is also called the Eastern Garbage Continent. The newly emerged continent consists of about 100 million tons of plastic waste from Asia and America.

In Australia, environmentalists are stretching artificial lianas between eucalyptus trees growing on different sides of highways to protect the koalas from death under the wheels of cars.

In Switzerland, they came up with an unusual way to use the heat generated by IBM’s datacenter server – it is used to heat water in a local pool.

Clean ponds in Moscow were formerly known as Pogany ponds, since waste was poured into them. Then this territory became part of the estate of Prince Menshikov, the ponds were cleaned and they got their modern name.