Interesting facts about Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a rather unusual country. It is not very popular among tourists, and in general the local custom and tradition are shrouded in a halo of mystery. We have collected for you a selection of interesting facts about this little-studied corner of the planet.

The state language in Equatorial Guinea is French, although there are a lot of local dialects in this country.

Equatorial Guinea is on the 4th place for infection with various infectious diseases, so vaccination before going to these edges will not be superfluous.

To get a higher education here, it is enough to know Word and Excel.

Guinean oranges are sold without peel, which is very convenient for quenching thirst. One of the best in quality is essential oil from “Guinean” orange.

Rich in fossils of Equatorial Guinea is one of the ten poorest countries in the world.

The land in the country is painted in a bright red color, which is due to the composition of the soil.

Residents of Guinea dry clothes, laying on the ground.

Bananas in Equatorial Guinea are more expensive than in Russia.

There is no exact weather forecast here, it all depends on the rainy season.

The yellow fever vaccine is the main document for entry. Without papers confirming the availability of vaccination, you simply will not be allowed into the country.

In the bowels of Equatorial Guinea, about 6% of the world’s reserves of iron ore and 70% of aluminum are located.

The citizens of Guinea made the largest deposits in Swiss banks.

The residence permit in this country is sold on the “black” market of Equatorial Guinea.

Until the 1970s, all the diseases were treated with folk remedies and shamanic incantations, and since then medicine has not stepped forward too far.

Water from Equatorial Guinea is exported to other countries, although there is a problem with normal water supply within the state.

Gold mining here is available to all comers.

On sale there is always gasoline, it is sold not only at gas stations, but also in liter bottles. Gasoline here has a red saturated color, and its octane number and degree of purification are unknown to anyone.

Even in the capital of Guinea, electricity is given for a couple of hours a day, and in other areas can turn off electricity for the entire rainy season.

Every free piece of land is a football field.

To raise the mood and easy intoxication Guineans chew nuts “Cola”.

The military in Guinea is a power that does not obey anyone. They have the right to do whatever they want.

Sugar cane is the main delicacy of Guineans.