Interesting facts about Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision is considered to be one of the most popular music competitions in the world. Despite the fact that this competition is intended only for European countries, it is readily watched in other parts of the world. In the United States, however, their own competitions are more popular – many Americans are very self-centered, and everything that happens outside their country is simply not interesting for them. They even often call their events, for example, the “World Championship”, although in fact it would be more correct to use the name “US Championship”.

The countries that founded Eurovision – Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and France – automatically pass to the final. This is their privilege.

The first Eurovision took place in the distant 1956, and then each country exhibited two participants, and not one by one. Then Switzerland won.

In 2015, for the first time to participate in the Eurovision was admitted a country not from Europe – Australia. By the way, it took the second place.

Most often in the history of Eurovision took place in the UK – already eight times.

Russia regularly participates in Eurovision, but the only Russian performer who defended the honor of the country at this contest twice – Dima Bilan.

Since 2016, the participants are exposed to two ratings – one determines the jury, the other – the audience. Estimates often vary, since the jury’s opinion appears to be influenced by political circumstances.

Of all the countries in Europe, most of the prizes were occupied by the United Kingdom, and least of all by Portugal, which has never risen above the seventh position.

In 2009, the first place was taken by the Belarusian singer, who, however, spoke for Norway, and not for Belarus.

The youngest participant of Eurovision was only thirteen. However, for a long time the minimum age threshold for participants is sixteen years.

Speaker for the UK singer Johnny Logan – the only person who twice won the Eurovision first place.

The least successful performance of Russia at Eurovision took place in 1995, when Philip Kirkorov took the seventeenth place.

The Soviet Union never took part in the Eurovision Song Contest.