Interesting facts about Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is sometimes referred to as Africa, and in part this is true. The peoples inhabiting Madagascar are similar to Africans, and there are other differences. Nevertheless, this island, which was split from the mainland millions of years ago, contains many natural wonders that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

The island of Madagascar is the fourth largest island on the planet.

More than ninety percent of the local species of flora and fauna are endemic, that is, they are not found anywhere except Madagascar.

The entire territory of the island is occupied by the Republic of Madagascar.

The official language in Madagascar is two – French and Malagasy.

Madagascar is the world’s first vanilla producer.

A well-known fact – when the Coca-Cola company refused natural vanilla in favor of artificial, it had a strong negative impact on the country’s economy.

The Republic of Madagascar gained independence in 1960. Before that, the island was a French colony.

The island is dominated by two religions – the cult of ancestors and Christianity.

The written form of the Malagasy language is based on the Latin alphabet, although for the first time it was written in Arabic.

The basis of the Madagascan cuisine is rice.

The most popular sport in Madagascar is football.

Service in the army in Madagascar is mandatory, the service life is one and a half years.

In Madagascar there are active natural foci of the plague.

Madagascar is sometimes called the “Great Red Isle”. Its soil really has a reddish hue.

The first settlements of people in Madagascar arose about two thousand years ago.

In the 70s of the last century, the Russian language was taught in schools located in the capital of Madagascar.

In every house in Madagascar there is a web, because you can not remove it – taboo.

The national currency of Madagascar is ariary. What is characteristic is not a decimal currency.

The wife in the Madagascar families knows the budget.

In some regions of Madagascar, there is a tradition that a son can not shave while his father is alive.

Perhaps the greatest fear of a typical Madagascar is not to be buried after death in a family crypt.

Some species of moth living in Madagascar at night drink tears from sleeping birds and crocodiles to compensate for the natural loss of fluid in the body.

The population density in Madagascar is only 33 people per square kilometer.

Over forty percent of the territory of Madagascar is covered with forests.

In any institution in Madagascar it is not customary to leave a tip.

The largest Madagascar predator is Fossa, a beast resembling a bizarre cross between a cat and a dog.