Interesting facts about oaks

Majestic oaks are of great importance in the history of many countries, and the significance is not only economic but also cultural. With the oak trees associated a huge number of legends and legends. These mighty trees were not just revered by many peoples …

Oak in many peoples in ancient times had an important symbolic meaning, personifying strength and power.

In total there are about six hundred kinds of oaks in the world.

Almost all oaks grow in the Northern Hemisphere, but several species have settled in the Southern Hemisphere.

The acorns of oak, in fact, are nuts.

With all the diversity of oak trees in Russia, only one species grows in substantial quantities.

Of the bark of some species of oak, as well as from the cork tree, produce, in fact, bottles for bottles.

Some kinds of oaks bring sweet acorns, suitable for food.

The world’s most expensive mushrooms, truffles, often grow in the vicinity of oak groves, since their mycelium has a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oaks.

From the acorns prepare a tonic drink, reminiscent of coffee.

In the bark of oak contains a significant amount of acid.

The most expensive variety of oak wood is a sea oak, that is, wood from a tree that has lain in the water is not less than a hundred.

In France, there are more than two thousand years of oak, in the hollow of which is equipped with a whole room.

The image of oak is present on a variety of arms.

Adult oak can absorb from the soil several hundred liters of water per day.

Oaks under the age of 20 do not usually bring acorns.

In the taiga, oaks do not grow.

According to statistics, only one acorn of ten thousand eventually grows into a tree.

Oak barrels are widely used in the production and storage of elite beverages.