Interesting facts about Paraguay

The Latin American country of Paraguay is a fairly typical state for its region, not too, unfortunately, developed, and on the whole rather poor. Once Paraguay prospered, but the war with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay struck this country a terrible blow – it lost a fair share of its territory and the vast majority of the male population, and the infrastructure was actually destroyed. Since then, many decades have passed, and nowadays Paraguay, at last, begins to gradually develop anew.

Paraguay, from the geographical point of view, is in the heart of South America.

State languages ​​in Paraguay are two – Guarani and Spanish. Guarani is the language of the tribe of the same name of the Indians, whose representatives represent the majority of the population of this country. The local currency, by the way, is also called guarani.

The residence permit in Paraguay will be easier to get – just buy any real estate in this country, and the residence permit you have in your pocket, and there and to citizenship at a stone’s throw. If you need it, of course.

Most Paraguayans do not leave the house without weapons, which in this country is officially permitted.

About half of Paraguayans live below the poverty line.

The flag of Paraguay is unique – the images on its different sides are also different.

The first railway in Latin America was built in Paraguay, but it was destroyed during the above-mentioned war.

The most popular drink in Paraguay is Mate. But when during the war the Paraguayan soldiers were forbidden to build bonfires in the trenches, they poured the leaves of mate with cold water instead of boiling water, simply for want of a better one. Thus was born the “Paraguayan tea” under the name “terere”.

Paraguay together with Brazil owns the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant – Itaipu.

In Paraguay, dueling is officially permitted, but medical workers must be present when fighting to help the duelists, if necessary.

Paraguay is the owner of the largest fleet among all landlocked states.

Despite the fact that Paraguay – a country that is really poor, life expectancy here is much higher than, for example, in Russia.

One of the former Paraguayan presidents was at his time, in fact, the president was once fined by the local police for violation of traffic rules – he overtook in the wrong place.

In Paraguay there is a monument to the Don Cossacks who fought on the side of this country during its war with Bolivia. Cossack Ivan Belyaev is one of the most revered national heroes of Paraguay.

Paraguay is one of the world’s leading exporters of soybeans and processed products.