Interesting facts about pears

Pears are the most delicious fruits grown in many countries. In Russia, for example, many people have pears associated with apples, although there is not much in common between these fruits. However, apples pear by popularity is much less significant, which, of course, does not detract from the value of this fruit. Juicy, ripe pear, so juicy that it can be crushed, if you squeeze in your hand … What can be tastier?

The first place in the world for the production of pears is occupied by the PRC.

The scientists established that the pear was cultivated about three thousand years ago in ancient Greece.

In Switzerland, a special concentrated syrup called “pear honey” is made from pears.

In Italy, make fruit mustard, adding a variety of fruits in the seasoning, including pears.

In Russia, for a long time, carved boards have been made from pear wood, which are used in the production of printed gingerbread as a relief base.

In the Western Hemisphere, pears began to spread only four hundred years ago.

Currently, there are over a thousand different varieties of pears.

Rowan is sometimes used as a mother plant (ie rootstock) for other genera of the pink family – quinces and pears.

The largest pear was grown in Japan. Its weight was