Interesting facts about poodles

Poodles are widespread dogs, and for sure each of us has seen them at least once in a lifetime. These intelligent, moving, playful and faithful creatures were withdrawn hundreds of years ago, and they remain favorites for many people to this day. Behind sometimes strange and unusual hairstyles of well-groomed poodles hide an extraordinary mind and amazing endurance.

Poodles are considered the second most intelligent dogs in the world. The winner of the championship in this nomination is a border collie.

In the army of the French Emperor Napoleon, each officer had a poodle. Being wounded, the officer released the dog from the satchel on the back, where she was, so that that loud bark attracted the attention of field doctors.

The famous composer Richard Wagner took his poodle at the rehearsal of the orchestra. Hearing a false note or disharmony in the music, the poodle began to bark.

Poodles from time immemorial have been used, and are now used, as hunting dogs. Especially hunting with poodles is popular in the US and Canada.

In the USSR, large poodles belonged to service dogs.

Poodles are used by customs officers and rescuers, as these dogs have an amazing flair.

Poodles poorly digest fatty foods because of the weak liver inherent in this breed.

It is not known for certain where the poodles were taken. Some as their homeland point to France, some to Germany.

The most famous poodle is Artemon, one of the characters of the fairy tale about Pinocchio.

In the USSR, fashion for poodles came when the English Queen Elizabeth gave such a dog to Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev.