Interesting facts about Qatar

Qatar is a small Arab state. However, the modest size of the territory does not prevent Qatar from being one of the richest countries in the world. The natural riches of this region allowed the Qatari people to create a real paradise in a severe and for the most part infertile land.

Despite the really modest size – about 11.5 thousand square kilometers – there are almost two million people living in Qatar.

Its wealth is due to the discovery of oil deposits on its territory.

The local currency is called Qatar riyal. Do not confuse it with the real – the so-called money in Brazil.

Most of the territory of Qatar is a barren desert. Fresh water is not enough for the country, so the Qatar people are desalinating sea water.

Qatar is really so hot, as tourists say about it. In summer, the thermometer can easily rise to 50 degrees Celsius.

In its history, Qatar managed to visit Bahrain, Portugal, the Ottoman Empire and Great Britain.

Qatar is ruled by an emir, and his authority can not be challenged by any of his subjects. Qatar is a vivid representative of an absolute monarchy, that is, a form of government, which today is extremely rare.

The official language of Qatar is Arabic, but only about 40% of the population of this country are Arabs.

Once upon a time in the old days, the main occupation of local residents was the extraction of pearls.

The alien can not obtain the citizenship of Qatar in any way.

All Qatari young people speak, at least in two languages ​​- Arabic and English.

Alcohol in Qatar is officially banned.

Pure drinking water in Qatar is more expensive than Coca-Cola.

All food in Qatar is imported.

There is almost no public transport in Qatar, but gasoline costs very cheaply.

Beaches in Qatar are only in the closed territory of expensive hotels. However, all hotels in Qatar are expensive.

Rains in Qatar are sometimes only a couple of times a year.