Interesting facts about Rwanda

Rwanda is a small African country, not very popular with tourists. It is located far from Europe, and the flight there is worth a lot, and security issues can not be discounted. Nevertheless, some brave researchers still visit this, undoubtedly, original and interesting corner of our planet.

Tutsi, the people living in Rwanda, is the tallest on our planet. A man two meters tall in Rwanda is not uncommon. A similar situation, incidentally, is observed in Montenegro.

Rwanda is an agrarian country. Therefore, 90% of the population is employed in agriculture. There is simply no alternative.

There are absolutely no railways in Rwanda. There are not even trams, not to mention the metro.

In 2015, the Rwandan government entered the TOP-10 most effective on the planet. The head of state on Saturday personally sweeps the street along the palace, and then personally checks the cleanliness of the neighboring streets.

Rwanda is one of the few African countries that does not experience water shortages. Rains in these parts are quite often.

Bananas in Rwanda are one of the most important crops. They are not only eaten and exported, they are also made wine and brewed beer.

Since 2008, Rwanda has banned disposable plastic bags. At the airport, even with the suitcases of tourists cut polyethylene, which suitcases usually wrap. A large fine is required for the use of packages, so all Rwandan enterprises are forced to use paper bags.

Rwanda is called the “Land of Eternal Spring”. Because of the abundance of precipitation, the crop is removed three times a year.

The northern part of the country is home to rare black mountain gorillas. In 1988, the screens went to the movie “Gorillas in the Fog”, based on the research of the American zoologist Diana Fossey and glorified the country even more. Every year thousands of tourists come to the country to see the amazing nature of Rwanda.

Lake Kivu is recognized as one of the most beautiful on the African continent. Due to its tectonic origin, it contains a large number of different gases. This fact excludes the living in the lake of animals and microorganisms. Moreover, at a depth of more than 300 meters methane deposits were discovered, which in the near future are planned to be put into production of electricity.

The World Bank has included the Round among the most favorable countries with a business climate.

In Rwanda it is not accepted to eat in public places – this is considered indecent.

Rwanda is called the “country of a thousand mountains” because of the ubiquitous hilly landscape.

In 1994, Rwanda massacred indigenous people, the Tutsi – a terrible page in the history of this state.

In Rwanda, there is a successful struggle for equality between men and women. Now, by the way, there are more women in the local parliament than men.