Interesting facts about the flags

Flags are, so to speak, business cards of the states on which they are recognized. National flags are proud of, respect neither respect … And how many countries in the world, there are so many national flags, and among them there are very unusual.

The most ancient flag in the world was made about five thousand years ago in the territory of modern Iran. It was made of a copper alloy with other metals.

The location of the stars on the Brazilian flag corresponds to their position on the sky in the very second when Brazil gained independence.

On the flag of the African country of Mozambique is a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The flag of Paraguay is the only two-sided flag in the world, the images on both sides are different from each other.

Flag of the Philippines in wartime turn upside down.

In many countries, insult to the state flag is severely punishable by law.

The pirate flag, known as “Jolly Roger,” was used by pirates to disguise themselves as a plague vessel, as the latter usually hung a black cloth, sometimes with a skull on it.

The flag of Chelyabinsk depicts a camel.

The flag of Denmark is the oldest of the flags used to this day.

The Nepalese flag is the only non-rectangular flag in the world.

The planet Mars has its own flag.

The white flag is an international symbol of truce.

The crescent is present on the flags of most Muslim countries.

The most common colors on the flags of states are white, blue and red.

The flag of Switzerland is square.

The science that studies flags is called vexillology.

The flag of the Czech city Decin is one of the few flags with wavy stripes, not straight.

In Denmark, you can do anything with the national flag, but it is forbidden to insult the flags of other countries.

Of all the existing states, the USA more often than others changed its flag, adding to it new stars.

One of the youngest national flags is the flag of Libya, approved in 1977.