Interesting facts about the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines, located on the eponymous archipelago is a wonderful warm country, glorious with the friendliness of the locals and a pleasant climate. It is no less than Thailand’s popular with tourists who come to rest, and immigrants. A simple immigration process, an acceptable standard of living and affordable real estate prices attract more and more people to this country.

Among the sailors of the merchant fleets of all countries, it is the Filipinos who are the most important. This profession is so popular with them, as it allows you to earn good money and help the remaining relatives at home. In addition, the Filipinos are born seafarers.

The population of the Philippines is the fastest growing among all countries in South-East Asia (in percentage terms).

The Philippines owns more than seven and a half thousand islands, and about five thousand of them do not have permanent inhabitants and even names.

The Philippines is the only country in the world to be affected by all natural disasters. There are also frequent typhoons, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

Its modern name was given to the Philippines in honor of the Spanish King Philip II.

At the beginning of the last century, the Philippines fought against the United States.

Due to the danger of tsunami, local residents prefer not to settle directly on the coast. However, however, elite housing is sometimes located on the fertile slopes of volcanoes, which last erupted less than a hundred years ago.

The world’s largest crocodile was caught in the Philippines. Hunting for him began when the media got reports of a giant beast attacking local residents.

In wartime, the Philippine flag is turned upside down.

In most banks and large stores in the Philippines, armed police are on duty.

In the capital of the Philippines, Manila, it is forbidden to smoke on the street and in public places. A similar situation exists in another local city – Davao.

The Philippine currency is called peso. This name remained from the time of Spanish rule on these paradise islands.

Banana leaves are often used in the Philippines as a disposable plate.

Once, at the end of the last century, in the Philippines, it was decided to hold the “National week of punctuality” to teach people not to be late for work. The then president of the country was late for the opening ceremony of this “Week” for an hour.

In the Philippines, the famous seafarer Magellan died. By the way, in his time it was he who visited these islands for the first time, said that if there is a heaven on Earth, then he is here.

According to the number of Catholics, the Philippines occupies the third place in the world.

About 12 million Filipinos live outside the country.

The smallest volcano on Earth is called Taal. It is located here, in the Philippines.

The Philippine capital of Manila is the most densely populated city in the world. Yes, it’s even worse than Jakarta or Beijing.

The basis of the Philippine cuisine is rice.

The famous toy yo-yo was invented in the Philippines, and here it served as a weapon.

Filipinos are used to brushing their teeth after each meal, so they usually carry a toothbrush and toothpaste.

It is rare in what a Filipino family there are fewer than three children.

A monument to Alexander Pushkin was erected in Manila.

In the Philippines, there is no divorce procedure. Just like in Malta.