Is an elephant a mammal ?

Yes, elephant is a mammal. Elephants are unique in their anatomy and physiology animals. They are so different from all other mammals that they are isolated into an independent group of proboscis, which includes only 2 species. In the fossil state, many more species of extinct proboscis are known, of which the most famous is the mammoth. Currently, only African and Indian elephants have survived.

With the help of the trunk elephants also drink water, because the mouth is high and the short-necked elephant can not drink.

Only small elephants can suck the mother’s mouth, and adult elephants draw water with a trunk, and then only pour into their mouths. Elephants, devoid of trunks due to trauma, try to graze on their knees, but in the end they perish.

The elephant’s powerful body is covered with thick and rough skin. It is dotted with numerous deep wrinkles. Adult elephants are practically devoid of wool, and newborn babies are covered with a rare stiff bristle. The color of the elephants is uniform gray or brownish.