Pumas – information

Pumas are wild animals that lead a quiet lifestyle one by one. Only the marriage time evokes in them the desire for each other, and loud cat-like cries testify to the formation of married couples. Pumas choose their own areas of residence, the boundaries of which are marked along the perimeter by scratches on trees and urine. Natural areas should be filled with hunting objects and places for shelters. Forest tracts and grassy plains are a favorite territory.

The density of dispersal of predators depends on the availability of feed and can range from 1 to 12 individuals per 80 km². The areas of hunting areas of males are huge areas from 100 to 750 km ². The areas of female puma are much smaller, from 30 to 300 km ². The movements of animals on their territories are associated with seasonal peculiarities. Winter and summer puma spends in different places.

In the afternoon, animals are basking in the sun somewhere or resting in a secluded den. In the twilight and at night, activity increases. It is time to hunt for prey. Animals adapted to travel along mountain slopes, perfectly climb trees, swim. Powerful jumps of 5-6 m in length, more than 2 m in height and rapid running up to 50 km / h do not leave a chance for the victim. The strength and endurance of the cougars allow you to cope with carrying carcasses, whose weight is 5-7 times larger than your own.

In nature, the puma has practically no enemies. Cope with the cougar can only the largest predators, provided the weakened cougars because of illness or inexperience of young animals. Wolf packs, jaguars, large alligators occasionally attack the puma and her kittens if they feel superior. People practically do not attack pumas , except for cases when a person is perceived as an aggressor: moves quickly, suddenly arises, especially in the twilight or nighttime hunting. In other cases, animals avoid meeting people.

Puma is a patient animal. Unlike the tiger, who is foolish in the trap, the cougar will calmly get rid of the shackles, even if it takes several days. The objects of the hunting of the cougars are mainly moose and various species of deer, as well as other ungulates: caribou. Puma feeds on many small animals: squirrels, beavers, muskrats, raccoons, lynxes.