Weasels – information

Caress is active at any time of the day, but prefers hunting at night. With the onset of evening twilight, weasel goes on a hunt, her long slender body allows her to easily make her way into mouse holes, and sharp claws easily cope with game, a larger size. With quick and dexterous movements, Weasel examines his hunting grounds, over a day running more than 1 km.

In the winter season, Weasel prefers to move around in voids under the snow, and if there is a lot of snow, it may not appear on the surface for a long time. Weaselis a very prudent and resourceful beast, she makes reserves at full time, putting mouse carcasses in a secluded place – such a stash is useful for her in a hungry time.

The area of ​​the hunting area of ​​Weasels depends on the number of rodents that live on it: if there is enough food, Weasel can live in a small area for a long time, and when food becomes less relocated to more food-rich places.

Each weasel marks its territory with a special odoriferous substance, which is secreted by glands located under the tail. Weasels do not tolerate neighbors and when meeting each other they arrange a scuffle with a squeal and clarification of the relationship. Occasionally, the hunting grounds of the male and female may intersect along the perimeter

Lascoc’s biorhythms are closely related to the number of mice-voles-the main meal of Lasok: if there is a lot of food, then Weasels will bring offspring without breaks, 3-4 broods per year, and the number of puppies in the brood increases to 10, instead of the usual 4-5 puppies .

But if the food is not enough, the number of puppies in the litter is reduced, and the number of pregnancies a year is reduced.

Usually the breeding season of Weasels occurs at the end of spring, the male can run far beyond its territory in search of girlfriends. Having mated with one female, he goes on a quest for a new one, not participating in the care of the kids and completely avoiding his father’s duties.