What do African elephants eat ?


African elephants eat grassy vegetation, leaves and branches of trees. As a feed for these amazing animals, young trees and shrubs, which they pull with a trunk, are also suitable. Often in search of green elephants digging the roots of the tree, and then pushing, resting his forehead.

One elephant a day can eat up to a hundred kilograms of grass and greenery. Very often elephants become the cause of the death of trees and shrubs. This situation led to the resumption of the shooting.

The average age of the African elephant is 60-70 years. For years of life near a person, elephants have not been domesticated, although a large number of attempts have been made to this.

African elephants are much less amenable to training, in contrast to a close relative – an Indian elephant. In the wild there are about 500 thousand individuals of elephants of this species, they are all listed in the Red Book.