What do baby turtles eat ?

Childhood is an important period in the life of a turtle, because at this time the animal experiences a special need for vitamins necessary for growth and development. It is important to feed the cub turtle in a safe and comfortable place to eat and receive all the nutrients it needs.

Turtles of different types can eat in different ways. Typically, turtles are omnivorous, that is, they can eat food of both vegetable and animal origin, but in some turtles food preferences change over time.

Special quality turtle feed is the basis of your pet’s healthy diet. However, the turtle can be fed and other food – it all depends on its nutritional needs. In this case, the turtle should be given what it needs. To ensure that the turtle receives all the nutrients it needs, its diet should be varied.

Turtles should be relaxed while eating. To your pet ate, create a suitable environment. That in the cell where the turtle lives, it was clean, feed it in a separate cage. However, if the turtle is still small, it is not necessary. If the turtle refuses to eat, feed it where it lives, but remember that you will have to clean the cage more often.