What do badgers eat ?

The badger is omnivorous. His diet depends on the season. He goes hunting at night. In the summer it eats mainly rodents, lizards, frogs, insects and their larvae, earthworms, slugs, mollusks, small birds, eggs. Also at this time of year eats berries, grass, mushrooms, nuts, fruits, bulbs of plants. In autumn, it often feeds on agricultural fields, eating crops, beans, corn and other cultivated plants.

Studies badger in Ukraine showed that his diet consists of more than 49 plant species and 54 species of animals. But in some countries, for example, England, the main food for badgers are earthworms, other types of forage are of secondary importance.

Badgers live in burrows, which they dig themselves. Nora badger consists of several long tunnels, inlets and nesting chambers. Sometimes the length of tunnels in one hole reaches 5-10 meters, and the number of moves in a dwelling can amount to 50 holes. Nest cameras, as a rule, have badgers 2 or 3. For each camera, he carefully follows, constantly changing the litter. Their badger nests are arranged in such a way that no rainwater can not penetrate there.