What do chimpanzees eat ?

Chimpanzees, in addition to being the only species of monkey that can create hunting accessories to facilitate the process of obtaining food, attack birds, small animals and small monkeys, including other chimpanzees. But baboons always hunt in large groups, so they are one of the most dangerous predators of the jungle.

The terrestrial monkeys have a much greater choice of food: they eat rhizomes and shoots of plants, including ferns – the favorite gorilla delicacy. All monkeys have a varied diet and besides various sugary fruits (figs, mangoes, bananas), they gladly eat fish, shellfish, rodents, lizards, beetles, grasshoppers and everything else that is eatable that they can find or catch.

Some species of monkeys eat a certain type of food: for example, Japanese short-tailed macaques eat only the bark of trees, the crab-eating macaque feed exclusively on crabs, and marmosets with their long incisors extract and consume the gum.