What do hedgehogs eat ?

Since childhood, we know fairy tales and cartoons about hedgehogs, in which the main character is stocked with fruits and mushrooms for the winter. But this is just a fictitious myth. In fact, hedgehogs never make stocks to survive the winter.

Both in nature and at home they accumulate fat, from spring to late autumn. For this, hedgehogs need to eat a lot.

The hedgehogs eat different foods, since they are omnivores. Most often these are amphibians, insects, slugs, caterpillars, earthworms. In addition to living creatures, hedgehogs eat fruit and berries.

In addition to the usual beetles and snakes, the hedgehog eats very poisonous representatives of them, such as a viper, a beetle bug, a May crunch, a hairy beetle. After such a meal, the animal does not get bad and does not die in a few seconds, because the hedgehog organism is resistant to different poisons.

The hedgehogs also eat mice in the forest, but this happens on an exceptional basis. The mouse is very dexterous and can not keep up with it unless it gets in the way, the hedgehog will eat it. Also, the animal likes to enjoy the clutches and chicks of birds, who have built their nests on the ground.