What do ostriches eat ?

In the native expanses of Africa ostriches eat everything that comes across to them: grass, fruits, grains, leaves, roots of plants, insects and small lizards. Ostriches have a reliable intestine and also a long 14 meters. This length of the intestine allows them to extract the maximum amount of useful substances from the coarse feed. Ostriches swallow small stones, which help the stomach to grind solid plant food.

To manage without water adult ostriches can be a long time, but kids often drink.

Feed the ostriches on the farm can be all kinds of cereals: wheat, barley, corn, oats, millet, beans, peas. They also need to give grass, alfalfa, clover, nettle and corn silage. From vegetables it is necessary to feed cabbage, carrots, beets. Ostriches, especially ostriches, need to be fed with special forages and vitamins. In winter, instead of grass, ostriches are given chopped hay.

It is necessary that near the ostriches there should always be water. Each ostrich drinks up to 10 liters of water a day.

Before the breeding season ostriches are united in small schools consisting of a male and several females. The male fertilizes all females in its small kingdom. To lay eggs, the ostrich tears out a small nest in the ground, into which each female of the group debugs the eggs. In this nest, the dominant female and the leader of the pack, in turn, incubate them for 6 weeks.

Small ostrich chicks, only appeared in the world, already see and try to walk. The next day they can already completely follow their parents in search of food.