What do snapping turtles eat ?

Most suggest that snapping turtles are vegetarians, but this is far from the case. In this case, much depends on the habitat and the type of turtle. Tortoises, you can say, are vegetarians, because they feed on plant food. By nature, they are slow enough and can hardly catch something alive, so they have to be satisfied with the grass, young shoots, leaves, berries and fruits. In short, they eat everything that gets in their way, from the composition of plant foods.

Marine and freshwater turtles have a more extended diet. At a young age, when they are actively growing and the body needs to be constantly replenished with proteins, turtles are able to destroy the nests of birds laying eggs within the reach of turtles. If somewhere on the way the eggs of their fellows will be found, the turtle will not pass by, and they necessarily eat them.

The snapping tortoise is not a bad swimmer and moves much faster in the water, which helps her catch fish fry and other representatives of the underwater world. In addition to animal food, the turtle feeds on algae and will not give up such delicious things as berries and fruits that fall accidentally into the water.

Specialists note that turtles have no favorite dishes or goodies. If she prefers a single dish, then she does not have enough nutrients in her body. If the turtle eats more juicy foods, then most likely it needs liquid.