What is a baby pig called ?

A baby pig called piglet. The subtle scent of pigs even has an advantage over the dog, if it is a question of plant odors, to which these ungulates are more sensitive. In France, pigs are taught to search for delicatessen truffles, the fruit bodies of which are hidden under the ground. In addition, in some countries, pigs serve as police snoops and are used to search for drugs and explosives.

More recently, scientists drew attention to the high intelligence of pigs, which for a long time remained unnoticed due to prejudiced attitudes toward these animals. Pigs are practically not very aggressive, unlike dogs, but they are also socially oriented.

They easily get used to the person, especially if they are brought up since childhood, are able to learn the nickname, different teams, know their place, can perform some tricks (to the best of their clumsiness). In our century of total separation of man from nature, these qualities were very much in demand.

So, in big cities, some owners start pigs as pets. Under these requests even began to develop a special direction of breeding – breeding pigs of a tiny size, the so-called mini-pigs. Their weight in adulthood does not exceed 20-40 kg. Already, these animals can be called decorative.