Where do crocodiles live ?

Children, seeing this terrible animal for the first time, ask the question: “Where do the crocodiles live?” Everyone thinks that the danger of a shark is most important in the sea, and only a few know for sure that they are terrible in the sea and Crocodiles. These reptiles are found not only in the freshwater reservoirs of the tropics.

Some representatives of toothy giants can live in salt water. There are predators who express a desire to fish in coastal sea waters. This is the Nile and African narrow-necked crocodiles. Of course, rivers and swamps are considered a permanent place of their habitat, but they are often found near river deltas, and there the water is not entirely fresh, but brackish.

Sharp crocodiles, which are listed in the Red Book, live in the waters of mangrove shores and seashores, they are suitable for brackish water. Adult individuals sometimes swim in the open sea. The habitat of this marine crocodile is Central America, Mexico, Cuba, Peru and Ecuador, as well as Haiti and Jamaica.

On our planet crocodiles are found about 250 million years. They were able to survive many of the most ancient animals, among which are even dinosaurs and managed to bear all those changes in living conditions that have occurred during this time on Earth.

Over time, these reptiles began to represent large species of amphibian predators, which scare their appearance, but at the same time attract special interest.