Where do gorillas live ?

In nature gorillas live in the equatorial forests of western and central Africa, mountain gorillas – on the slopes of the volcanic mountains of Virung, covered with forest. They are kept in small groups consisting of male leader, several females and their cubs (from 5 to 30 individuals in all). They feed on plant food, although they also do not disdain the animal on the occasion (mainly insects). Their massive jaws and powerful chewing musculature allow to cope with any kind of vegetative forage: bark, wood, stems, roots, as well as leaves and fruits. In captivity, young gorillas quickly get used to eating all human food.

Contrary to popular belief, gorillas are calm and peace-loving animals (which in part is due to the vegetarian lifestyle and almost constant search and eating). At the meeting of the male leader and single male, who does not mind taking possession of the harem, the matter is most often limited to demonstration of strength and rarely comes to a fight. On other animals they never attack, although, of course, if necessary, they are protected.

Gorillas quite well tolerate bondage, reproduce. The number of gorillas is low and continues to decline mainly due to the destruction of habitats (deforestation), and also because of poaching, mostly for meat (English). (Which was previously included in the menu of various peoples of the continent).

The first part of the day gorillas are engaged in feeding. Then follows a leisurely walk through the forest. In the hottest time of the day the activity of the group falls. Some gorillas build nests for the midday rest, others simply lie on the ground.

Usually during the siesta mothers are put in order the fur coat of their cubs, adults and teenagers search or clean the skin of each other, but with less enthusiasm and accuracy than other primates do.