Where do jaguars live ?

The main habitat of jaguars is Central America, Mexico, as well as the northern part of Argentina. The largest specimens can be found on the territory of the state of Brazil, Mato Grosso. Previously, the jaguars also lived in the territory of Uruguay and El Salvador, but were completely destroyed in this area.

Jaguars prefer to live in the rainforest, occasionally in shrubs, on the shores of the ocean, in the grasslands. Jaguar is a single territorial beast. One jaguar allocates an area of ​​25-100 square meters. Km and hunts there for 3-4 days, then moving to the next section. Without problems can hunt together with relatives, however other representatives of the cats in the territory do not transfer. During weddings, jaguars can assemble into small groups.

The main prey of jaguars are capybars, bakers, tapirs, mazams, foxes, snakes, monkeys, rodents (meerkats), caimans. Victims of a large cat can also be livestock. They can also dig out turtle eggs from the sand, fish, snap on sleeping alligators.