Where do kangaroos live ?

Each species of kangaroo lives in different natural conditions. For example, red kangaroos are found in all areas of Australian savannahs and pastures. Exceptions are only western deserts, tropical forests in the north of the Australian continent, southern fertile areas.

Gray, or forest, the kangaroo resides on Tasmania and throughout South Australia (Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales), as well as in the Darling and Murray river basins. They live mainly in places with dense vegetation or in open rain forests. Some subspecies often neighbor with a person and are not afraid of him.

Vallaru habitats are the mountainous regions of Australia. This species prefers to settle in a rocky terrain with a shadow.

Kangaroo rats are found in Australia and Tasmania. The number of these marsupials decreased significantly after the appearance of foxes and dogs on the continent. Now they are found only in some regions of the Australian continent in a limited number.

One of the most amazing wallabies is a tree kangaroo. It lives only in the Australian state of Queensland and in New Guinea. Unlike all the previous species, there lives a tree kangaroo in the rainforest and spends most of its life on trees. Although sometimes it can be found on the plains and in the mountainous terrain.