Where do sloths live ?

Firstly, the habitat of sloths is extremely warm – the tropical and equatorial zones in South America. Lazy people live only in the woods and huddle in the trees’ crowns, occasionally descending to the ground. Among the green foliage they come into the world, live their quiet life and die.

But, looking at other animals, we understand that the life of a sloth is fundamentally different from other species belonging to the order of wood (protein, monkeys, etc.). The difference is that they are moved by branches in a special suspended way due to their long, fused fingers along the entire length, which end with strong sickle-shaped claws. Laziness as if crocheted around the branch and moved upside down in a relaxed state. Wood animals of other species move around the trees clamping the branches with their fingers due to the strength of the muscles.

Another amazing phenomenon is the following: sloths, they never cope with the need for trees, unlike other animals of the tree species. This fact is surprisingly doubly, given their slowness and slowness. But nevertheless, it takes place – sloths descend to the ground for emptying the bladder and intestines. This long and difficult journey they do once a week. For a sloth, descent to the ground is accompanied by a great risk, because being 30-40 meters from the house, the sloth is completely defenseless against predatory animals.