Where do snapping turtles live ?

Snapping turtles natural habitat is America. Strikes their vitality – they are common both in hot desert areas of Texas, and in snowy areas of Washington in winter. For them, no problem is the North American Rockies – they feel great at an altitude of up to two kilometers above sea level. The main thing for a reptile is the presence of a reservoir, whether it is a lake, a pond or a river.

In winter, when the air temperature is below zero, the snapping turtle falls into a hibernation at the bottom of the reservoir, buried in the silt. But you can often see a strolling tartil on the ice of the reservoir, or floating under the transparent ice. They can breathe as light, sticking out the muzzle over the water, and extrapulously, getting oxygen through the skin, which allows you to winter under the water for months.

In water, the animal is more relaxed than on land. Apparently, in the water the turtle is less restrained in the movements, thereby feeling more protected. When there are skirmishes, one of the caiman turtles is almost guaranteed to die – they have a habit of biting off their opponents head. At the same time, if she feels that her opponent is stronger, she releases a stinky musky liquid like a skunk.

A human animal is not afraid of a gram, for them it is a typical threat that one should bite if a person is in close proximity. When you bite the reptile sharply throws the head forward, and the neck is long, and grabs at the nearest limb. At best – a torn piece of meat, blood can not be dispensed with.