The French bulldog is a friendly and peace-loving character. His peculiar appearance made him a favorite for millions of people. Despite the attractive temperament of the breed, it can not be called primitive. Its features are some inconsistency in behavior.

French bulldogs are calm, fairly lazy creatures, able to keep themselves confident in any situation. But they are very playful animals and play with their master with pleasure. In other words, this is not a very active breed, but occasionally requires attention and does not give up a short walk or play.

He perfectly coexists with all members of the family, equally comfortable feeling surrounded by a single person or in a large family with children of any age. If you have a child of preschool age – you can safely leave it with a bulldog, going to a store or a hairdresser. Children, as a rule, also love this breed for its calm, phlegmatic, affectionate character, which often does not agree with a somewhat harsh appearance.

The French bulldog is an intelligent dog capable of correctly responding to the external situation. If you are host to a guest with dislike, the same feelings will be felt by his four-legged pet. The bulldog is not a coward – he immediately enters into battle in case of danger and fights to the finish, even if his opponent exceeds him in all respects. This feature must be taken into account: during walks, it is necessary to avoid situations when it is possible to meet with a potential rival. One of the biggest drawbacks of the breed is snoring. But if for you it is not important, the French bulldog will become for you a loyal and devoted friend.

The main distinguishing feature of French bulldogs is strictly vertical ears resembling the auditory organ of bats. The character of the breed is friendly, many believe that the expression of the muzzle of this dog is happy, and even manage to discern a smile.