Frogs are a large group of animals belonging to the order of tailless amphibians. Frogs are easy to distinguish from other animals in appearance – they have bulging eyes, a large mouth, a dense trunk, short front paws and long hind legs, there are special membranes between the fingers for swimming, tail for adult frogs.

The skin of these animals is always moist, tk. Covered with mucus secreted by the skin glands. Coloring in frogs can be very diverse – from brown-green to bright red. Frogs are characterized by two types of respiration: pulmonary and dermal. On land, the frog breathes with the help of the lungs, and underwater passes to the skin breathing.

Frogs are found almost everywhere, most species of frogs live in tropical forests.

Frogs are active in the warm season. In sunny, hot weather, they sit in the shade, and in rainy and cloudy weather they willingly walk around the neighborhood. With the onset of cold weather, frogs hide in damp places, under leaves or on the bottom of water bodies, they can hibernate. Tropical frogs are active all year round.

Frogs feed mainly insects – beetles, gnats, flies, mosquitoes, etc. But on occasion, they can eat a small fry, snail or spider. Frogs are hiding in the water or on land and waiting for their prey. When a fly or other insect appears, the frog quickly throws out its sticky tongue, and the victim, stuck to it, goes straight to the mouth. Frogs hunt only for moving insects, they do not notice a motionless victim and do not touch. Frogs never drink water – all the necessary liquid comes to them in the body with food and through the skin.

With the onset of the breeding season, frogs gather near fresh water bodies. The first males come and loud females begin to call the females. Hearing the croaking, the females also approach the pond. The lower and loud sounds the male produces, the more females respond to his call. When meeting a male, the female lays eggs. Out of the caviar come frog larvae, which are called “tadpoles.” Tadpoles are very different from adult frogs. They are exclusively aquatic, they breathe gills, they do not have paws, but they have a tail. Typically, the tadpoles feed on algae. After a while there is a metamorphosis – the tadpoles disappear gills and develop lungs, paws grow and the tail disappears, the tadpoles turn into frogs.